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Nikos Markomanolakis
Art Director

Nikos Markomanolakis has graduated from the public I.V.T. of Nea Ionia, specialized in technical graphic electronic design.

He has successfully attended free design seminars on cybism at Benaki museum, corporate identity seminars at the Greek Graphists Union in Athinaida. He has also attended photograph seminars and he is a skilful user of Photoshop, Illustrator and In Design programs. He also has a sound knowledge of web design (flash, dreamweaver).

He was working since 1998 in publishing group Motor Press for the magazine Moto Triti on a DTP level, he has worked with Quality Network Solutions Company as a web designer and with Ad Store Hellas advertising company as an Art Director and as a Creative Director. He has worked with Civitas Ketchum Communications as an Art Director. Today he works as an Art Director with Alarm Advertising.

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